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Biotech / Pharmaceutical


Biotech & Pharmaceutical

If you are seeking specialized moving services for your biotech or pharmaceutical firm / company in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, San Mateo or Santa Clara Counties, you have come to the right place. CG Moving Co. is the go-to company for biotech, laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical businesses that are changing their base of operations.​

We specialize in moving laboratories, medical companies and biotech operations from one location to another. We know how to equipment such as:

• Double stack and CO2 incubators
• Regular incubators
• Tacan machines
• Centrifuges
• Clean room equipment
• Microscopes
• Refrigerators and other lab equipment

Comprehensive Services Available

Our seasoned movers will take care of every aspect of transferring your sensitive equipment. We take a number of precautions such as placing technology in anti-static, two-ply bubble-wrap during transport and rolling carts to limit handling of electronics. We also pack and crate all of your lab equipment and supplies to your specifications.​

CG Moving Co. also provides transportation of old electronic equipment to recycling site and can provide debris removal.

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