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Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals & Healthcare

Moving a healthcare company or a hospital can be challenging. At CG Moving Co., we understand the unique challenges and concerns related to moving facilities and medical equipment. Over the years, we have moved numerous hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, healthcare in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the Peninsula, Silicon Valley, San Mateo County and Santa Clara County. Managing TransitionsCG Moving Co. works with members of your organization and outside health care industry experts, to make the move as seamless and stress-free as possible.

We will work with your organization:

Consult with and partner with trained health care managers, to supervise and coordinate a smooth transition of your organization before, during, and after the move.

Provide transport of medical equipment, management of sign installation, and transfer of equipment, by working with skilled, qualified staff.

To understand specific requirements for a successful transition, we gather information from each unit or department. This enables us to help develop a suitable budget and an optimal time line for the moving process.

Organize the removal any surplus medical equipment, office equipment, or office furniture.

Our company is ready to help your hospital or health care organization with its move. Our online inventory management application allows your organization to track orders and status of equipment any time, day or night.​

We have a local warehouse for clean and safe storage, offering a protective environment for your equipment. We carefully plan sequential deliveries of your equipment, for the most optimal days and times.

All-Inclusive Services

Whether you're moving administrative offices, an emergency department or a large operating room, we understand the need for complete, on time, and professional service. We understand the 24 hour nature of many hospital and health care facilities.

We can manage relocation projects of small offices and multi-department facilities alike, including:

Medical laboratories

Furniture and equipment breakdown and setup

Transfer of medical records

Disposition of valuable equipment no longer needed

Expediting trucking services for delicate medical equipment

We provide you with several options for excess equipment, ranging from connecting you to non-profits who may accept an equipment or furniture donation, transporting your equipment for sale or consignment to your vendor of choice, picking up your recently purchased equipment from an auction site to your lab, clinic or hospital, to recycling of your equipment.

CG Moving Co. will help make the transition of relocating your hospital or health care organization a trouble-free project.

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