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Taking your office from one building to another can be a difficult proposition, but not when you work with CG Moving Co. Our employees will perform the move with maximum efficiency, minimum downtime and absolute professionalism.​

CG Moving Co.has experience in all types of moving projects, whether it simply involves switching around your current workspace, transferring your operations from one office building to another or moving an entire warehouse full of contents.​

We Cover Every Need

Our professional team will work with you and your employees to coordinate before and after move floor plans and warehouse layouts. We will do a detailed inventory of furniture and equipment and provide long-term storage, if needed. Our staff will also take care of furniture disassembly and furniture reassembly, disconnection and reconnection of computers and will work with data and electrical personnel for a smooth transition.

We can also provide you with:

Customized logistics services

Warehousing and storage solutions

Green disposal through donation and recycling

Receiving shipments of office furniture or other items at our warehouse.

Your Move is Our Priority

Our trained installers make easy work of moving your workspace. Let CG Moving Co. streamline the process and provide you with an efficient move with minimal stress that will allow you to get back to business.

Contact Us

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